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Many organizations never fully realize the potential of the mountains of data they collect.

Menome Technologies helps organizations tackle this challenge, providing a way for them to start collecting, organizing and utilizing the data they have available to them. Devices come and go. Intranets, social networks, operating systems – all of these things change, but the value of data does not. Data has tremendous value, and when we expand and organize our data properly we increase the value we can get back out of it.

Our goal is to make existing systems better by drawing connections between the valuable knowledge they contain to help people find the shortest path to the knowledge they are looking for.

Our process

There are a few key steps to this process:

  1. Find out how value producers organize the information they need to work
  2. Use this insight to form implicit connections between the key knowledge elements used to create value
  3. Create a map of how people really understand the valuable information contained in your data systems
  4. Bring the map to life by creating an explorable knowledge interface in –>theLink<–

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-4-27-41-pmThe result of our process is making explicit the hidden web which exists only in the minds of the domain experts working at your organization. With the help of machine learning algorithms we can identify how they name and organize files, what they call the places where work is done, how the keep track of email conversations and correspondence with clients, and the relationships that connect all of these.



Collecting Data

High quality data doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning, process analysis and working closely with stakeholders to collect data as close to the source as possible, streamlining flow of data and especially understanding how data are used to create products and support services.

Menome Technologies focuses on helping organizations collect data:

  • Data Collection/IOT: helping organizations to collect data at the source by working with stakeholders throughout the data value stream
  • Data flow: eliminating friction associated with the flow of data from source to delivery
  • Data Quality: working with people who use data to identify where quality issues exist, and fixing those issues them at the source.

Connecting Data

With the explosion of readily available ‘apps’, organizations face tremendous challenges with data sprawl. Information is scattered, disconnected and fragmented across many different systems, making it difficult to quickly bring together the deep and valuable knowledge organizations possess.

Menome Technologies can help unify data sets through through Master Data Management (MDM) by harnessing the power of  neo4j’s state of the art ‘graph database’ technology to unify your data:

  • identifying key dimensions or ‘metadata’ that are used to unify datasets across the scope of the organization
  • Systems and data integration: giving organizations ‘one place to go’ to interact with their data
  • Information and Knowledge Management: Menome Technologies helps organizations rethink ‘what is data’ by leveraging metadata to bring files and documents together

Using Data

Menome Technologies specializes in working with current business intelligence and analytics platforms to help organizations gain insight from their data.

We also have created –>theLink<– : knowledge discovery platform : which allows enterprises to access all of their knowledge assets in one place.

Thelink is a system that will allow your organization to capture these important relationships and leverage them support future decision making. With theLink you are a few clicks away from

  • Finding the best employee for a job
  • Finding the nearest equipment to a site
  • Seeing the entire work history on a facility
  • Seeing all the past projects an employee has worked on
  • Seeing all the projects you have done for a particular customer
  • Seeing who has done the most work for a particular client, on a particular asset, or both
  • Finding the documents associated with a particular asset