At Menome Technologies our goal is to make it easier to get valuable information into the hands of those who need it. Our domain consultants and development team have created a pattern to help companies adopt safe data practices, allowing for machine learning algorithms to augment the capabilities of value contributors.

We have created several different components that can run independent of each other to tackle the core aspects of this problem.

Syncronization Framework

The most important part of creating a knowledge platform is mining and curating your company’s available data. This process involves connecting our data bots to all of the available database systems to act as information gateways that pull important information and distributes it to other systems. This paradigm allows us to encourage clean data practices while also providing a platform to flag and correct erroneous data. Explicit connections between systems can be drawn and insights that are computationally infeasible in SQL can be surfaced.

Machine Learning Suite

Once we have mined explicit knowledge we can use machine learning to enhance and create new relationships between loosely connected data. Files can be mined, automatically categorized and linked to related entities such as projects or people. By monitoring communication channels with NLP listeners we are able to calculate an up-to-date inferred project status from the communication sentiment about that project. Bringing all of this together enables your company to capture the implicit knowledge domain experts hold.

Knowledge Discovery and Integration Platform

Our goal at Menome is to put the power of data back into your hands. Out sync framework is tailored to solidify the cohesion between data systems and link disparate data systems together. The machine learning suite is designed to search for valuable insights in the connections between available data and across systems. Bringing it back we have TheLink, our user facing interface collection designed to return insights back to the people who do work with it. Our unique questions interface means that with TheLink you are only a few clicks from asking questions that cross the boundaries of traditional data systems and analytics platforms. With TheLink you can easily

  • See who has done the most work for, or who has the best relationship with a particular client
  • Find an employee with a particular skill set and a particular availability
  • See who has clocked the most hours on specific types or phases of projects
  • Find the best employee for a particular job