You have lots of data

Question is: how do you use it?

 –>We can help<–

Our purpose is to help you make your data useful.

We do the hard work of integrating data from different sources, refining and linking it using our dataBot based data integration platform [dataLink] that harnesses Neo4j’s powerful graph database technology. We then make it easy for you to access the data the way you need in a way that makes sense to you through our web based data portal –>theLink<–.

This lets you to focus on doing your jobs instead of losing precious time trying to get the data you need.

Your business changes daily. Your data changes constantly.

Shouldn’t your data systems evolve too?

Traditional approaches to data integration and analytics are not designed to handle the reality of ever changing, dynamic data. Traditional enterprise systems and ETL tools(Extract, Transform and Load)  are like New Lego: you can build one thing from them, but that is all.

  [dataLink] is like Lego Blocks[dataLink] is made up of a suite of small, configurable :|dataBots|: and just like old lego blocks our :|dataBots|: can be assembled into any configuration required to fit your business: and more importantly, they can rapidly be changed as your business changes.

[dataLink] and :|dataBots|: are designed from the ground up to enable dynamic data integration for an ever-changing world.

And because the :|dataBots|: talk to each other through the [dataLink] data exchange, they can do more than just link data. They can also synchronize data between systems: off premise, on premise, in the cloud. They can help augment your business processes, getting data from where it is to where it is needed, while eliminating manual processes, and helping you to detect and eliminate duplicate or bad data.

As the :|dataBots|: do their work harvesting data for you, they also continuously refine your data into the [dataLink] database. [dataLink] uses the power of Neo4j’s next  generation graph database which not only makes it possible for you to have all your key data integrated in one place, it brings powerful analytical capabilities to help you find and understand patterns in your data, allowing you to get more value from your data than was ever possible before.

Because Neo4j is flexible, unlike traditional data warehousing projects, it can also change as your business does.

Having all your key data isn’t enough: it needs to be easy to access.

Not everyone has time to be an expert at working with data. That is why we created  –>theLink<– .

–>theLink<– is designed to make it easy to people to access the connected data, in one place from any device. Our simple to use web client gives people a way to see their data world using a ’Hockey Card’ style user interface. Hockey Cards are setup for each business entity, and link the ’Business Cards’ creating a Knowledge Web that is easy for users to find and discover the information they need.

We also have created a natural language style :|linkBot|: that allows you to quickly and easily add links to articles, takes the work out of endlessly filling out forms such as hazard identifications,  and makes it simple to search your data from Slack, Cisco Spark and Microsoft Teams.

Success through Collaboration